You going to add the new bathroom into your home. 15 things you need to know…

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The reason to build new bathroom into your home

In the first place, If your home was built before 1970, you likely have one bathroom for your entire household. This probably means that everyone scrounges for counter space and fights over shower time, leaving you wishing for another bathroom.

The few thought you might have before your bathroom remodel

But how hard is it to add one? What kind of design do you need? Where would you even find room for it in your home?

First of all, is to find the location for your new bathroom

Definitely, finding a good location for your extra bathroom is half the battle — and completely depends on your home’s layout. Here, the Home Renovation Company team will help you.

Few spaces are hidden in your house for future bathroom

The first place you have to look to. When the designers, back in a day, have created Craftsman-style houses in Atlanta GA, they added a powder room to the main floor. The main reason was to increase accessibility for guests, who may not be able to use the stairs to get to the main bathroom.

I need to make sure before to move forward

What to do? “From the beginning, you call HRC. We will send you our experienced estimator to review your future bathroom project. He should figure out a few important things before providing you with an estimate.

A few things estimator has to figure before estimation
  1. What is your new bathroom budget?
  2. How to get water lines and sewer lines to your new bathroom?
  3. How much space, functionally, will you have in a new bathroom?
  4. What king of fixtures would you like to have installed?
  5. What kind of design do you see in your new bathroom?
  6. What time of the payments do you want to use?
  7. How soon do you plan to start your bathroom remodel project?

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Most common place in your house to create a new bathroom

Usually, the best place in your own home for a new bathroom is in the closet. Yes, right! Look at your existing house layout. Nearby your existing bathroom most likely you will find the closet with the same attached wall. The same wall where the existing water and sewer lines are.

Cost-effective solution

Trust me, the best scenario is keeping all your water piping in one area of the house. As of right now in Atlanta GA area, plumber charges for one point allocation or relocation around $600, so you don’t want to pay extra if you don’t have to.  For the start, look at the existing plumbing location, then check around if you can put another bathroom above or below, or maybe next by even, and still tie into the existing piping lines. That is the saving key on your future bathroom remodel project.

When your crawlspace a big plus

Homeowners with single-story layouts will have the easiest time adding in a bathroom. Because they can simply run the water and sewer lines through a crawl space below.

One more important challenge with new bathroom add on

You need to keep in mind, that NO MATTER how many stories in your house, you still have to install an exhaust fan. In the best scenario, your exhaust fan must vent to the outside of the house. If your new bathroom located in the middle of the house, here is the next option to vent your bathroom. You can hook the exhaust duct to the HVAC return line located closeby.

The good points of your future investment

Additionally, here at Home Renovation Company, we always make sure to include a tub somewhere in the house. The right tub every time can boost resale value. The two most important things can really increase your property value. The Modern master shower with double heads and seating bench is great. But it is very important to have a tub somewhere in your house, in case you or a future buyer have kids. Also, the freestanding tub is the trend and highly recommended for installation on a newer bathroom remodel projects.

You want to have a bright life around you

Additionally, you also need to think about what kind of light, to bring into the bathroom. The best and preferable option is to have natural light. As of natural light, few options available. Ask your estimator for details. The all-time available option is the light fixtures. Today you have hundreds of different types and models of light fixtures available in the stores around you or online. This is something we can help you with.  

Building codes and city inspections

This is something you have to pay attention to!!! As far, as you start your bathroom remodel project, make sure you or better your contractor pulled permits. Your city or state might have different building codes and requirements. Than what Home Renovation Company adheres to in Atlanta area GA. But you should always ensure that your bathroom configuration is legal and that you have the correct amount of space around the fixtures.

When you really need to make sure your bathroom is up to code, it is best to call HRC.

Here in HRC we sure that “Having a permit for your bathroom remodel makes buyers feel better because they know the work was inspected. We have had to rip out some of DIY or amateur contractor’s bathrooms in the houses we remodel and built it right from scratch.

Timeframe versus quality. What is important for you?

Although getting a permit and build up to code take more time. BUT it is worth it in the end. The big plus is that guarantee whoever is doing the work does it the right way. There are few permits that might be involved in bathroom remodel. Ask your estimator for details. 

After all, here in Home Renovation Company, we know our crews, and the work we are doing, whether we get a permit or not. But if I was a homeowner hiring contractors for the first time, I would want to make sure they able to pull the permits and do my project up to code.

When it comes to design, make it a luxe

When HRC designing the new bathroom remodel project, our ultimate goal is to make it functional and luxurious. Because most of the time, space is so small, we have to use modern and functional fixtures. To make the bathroom luxury we use accent walls and decorative elements. For the reason of functionality and space utilization, we install pocked doors. We know more tricks about how to make the small space huge functional and gorgeous.

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