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Home Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Kitchen Remodel or Basement finishing

You are on the right page if you looking to get your Home Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Kitchen Remodel, or Basement finishing project done in accordance with​ construction codes and on time. Your choice Home Renovation Company. Our remodeling and renovation services and benefits for clients in the ​Atlanta GA area.

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Congratulations! You came to the right page and about to get your remodel or renovation project done right and on time.

Home Renovation Company Sandy Springs GA

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Home Renovation Company is the awarder company as “Best Home Remodeler” in 2019. We are a group of professionals under one roof and for any of your Home Remodel, Basement Remodel, Bathroom Remodel or Kitchen Remodel needs. In our team, we have experienced estimators, project managers, civil engineers, architects, and experienced quality craftsmen.

Easy to start…

Here in the Home Renovation Company, we created an easy system for our clients. We would like you to feel comfortable with the remodeling process from the beginning. In the first place all you need to do, just fill short and specify the Estimate Request application for your remodel project. We will contact you to schedule a Pre-Estimation meeting onsite and will go from there…

Then, we will provide you with an itemized and detailed estimate proposal. The Estimate will show you all the material SKU #, Labor and Services which should be performed on your Remodel project. Our estimate is actual Scope Of Work, which is going to be attached to the main construction agreement.

Easy and secure to work…

  In the second place, after estimate adjusted and approved, we provide our clients with the main construction agreement which contains parties’ rights and responsibilities; payments schedule; project schedule; material choice list and retainer invoice. Upon signing the agreement and placing the retainer, we provide with 3D design and start date.

  As our client: you DO NOT need to deliver material or fixtures; you DO NOT need to call for inspections; you DO NOT need to go to the store and BUY anything-WE CARE THAT ALL, WE PROVIDE TURNKEY PROJECT SERVICE!

Easy and with pleasure finish…

In summary, our clients just visiting the project from time to time to check the progress and inspected the project with the Project Manager for the final punch list. After all, items mentioned in the punch list completed our clients cut the final check and enjoying the newly remodeled project.

Want more…?

If you read this…meaning you found this page interesting, continue reading and you will find more. To this end, we suggest you go over our website to read more interesting information you will need in future or current remodel or renovation project. 

Home Renovation contractor with the right services and client’s benefits.

Before you will choose a contractor for your Home Renovation or Remodeling, check if they can provide you with the right renovation services and strong benefits. Here are a few benefits our company provides clients with:

  • Our estimates are always itemized, reasonable and competitive. Also, our estimates always accepted from any money lender or bank;
  • We are working base on signed agreement and scope of work. Your rights are protected, responsibilities are landed;
  • Each signed agreement for full house renovation comes with FREE 3D design. We do not charge our clients for full colored 3D renderings. We call this option: “To be on the same page”;*
  • Also as General Contractor, Home Renovation Company provides clients with full permitting services. We can pull all the necessary permits for your project. HRC provides clients with permits at any permitted projects such as Home Remodeling, Full Renovation, New Construction project or just Bathroom Remodel and Kitchen remodel;*
  • As a TURNKEY contractor, HRC provides architectural and engineering services. We provide architectural, structural, engineering paperwork. Most importantly, some of the projects we provide FREE architectural design;*   

home remodel permit



  • Less down payment agreement. We DO NOT REQUEST MORE THAN 20% RETAINER. If your project less than $15000 in total the retainer will be 20% BUT if your project estimated over $15000, the retainer will be ONLY 10%!!!;
  • YOUR PERSONAL PM! From the beginning to final City inspection and agreement sign off, only one Project Manager  from Home Renovation Company working directly with the client (no middlemen or sub-contractor dealing with you);
  • We are responsible for everything we do! Foundationally 95% of performing work on the Jobsite going to be done with our own crews. We use only special trades sub-contractors;
  • We are LICENSED and Insured;
  • OUR GOALS to make the renovation process stress free and easy to understand for our clients;
  • Our Schedules and Budgets are presented upfront. We are never surprising clients with hidden items;
  • We always present and  discuss with our clients for instance options and potential risk during home remodel;
  • Primarily, We consider your long term needs to plan your remodeled space in the best way for many years of comfort usage.

We provide a 1-year warranty on labor and factory warranty on provided materials with our labor from Home Renovation Company!