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Surviving a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel: Best Practices for Households with Kids and Pets

As advantageous as remodeling can be when it comes to life satisfaction and home resale value, renovating high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom may seem close to impossible when you’ve got kids and pets at home. After all, these are spaces that everyone in the home uses on a regular basis — and you can’t feed or bathe your family if you’re unable to use your only kitchen, shower, or bathtub for several weeks or months at a time.

Fortunately, following several best practices can help you and your family to survive a kitchen or bathroom remodel without spending a fortune on takeout meals or temporary housing. Check out these tips from Home Renovation Company (HRC) to learn all about them!

Look for a Nearby Rental

One of the biggest challenges of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is trying to live safely and comfortably around the construction zone. And while you could set up a makeshift bath and/or kitchen if you have the space for it, renting an apartment that’s suitable for kids and pets may be cheaper, safer , and a lot less stressful for you and your family.

Many short-term rentals are available in Atlanta, so you’ll be close to home during the remodel without having to live amidst the chaos. Plus, Home Renovation Company will be able to work much more efficiently if you’re not around for all or part of the renovation.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen or Bath

If renting an apartment is not possible, talk to your contractor about setting up a temporary kitchen and/or bath in your basement, garage, utility room, or another room in your home. You could also set up a DIY kitchen space in your living room using a camping sink, mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, crockpot, and an Instant Pot. When it’s time to eat, head outdoors for a family picnic or lay down a plastic tablecloth and sit right on your living room floor.

Freeze Meals in Advance

If you’ll have access to a freezer during the remodel, plan to cook and freeze some meals in advance. Polly Conner of Thriving Home shares more than 30 kid-friendly freezer meals for families, including breakfast recipes, slow cooker meals, and vegetarian-friendly options. You’ll save money on takeout and reduce stress throughout the renovation.

Keep Pets Safe and Comfortable

If you’ll be staying home throughout the renovation rather than renting an apartment, it’s important to keep your animal companions safe, happy, and at ease during your bathroom and/or kitchen remodel. Emily Fazio of HGTV recommends introducing your pet(s) to your contractors, confining your animal companions to a comfortable crate or another locked space, and hiring a sitter to look after your pets while you’re at work. If your pet is sensitive to loud noises, it might also be helpful to play classical music to drown out the construction noise.

Take a Family Vacation

Even if you can’t afford to take an extravagant vacation and pay for your home remodel, there’s no better time to take a mini-trip with your kids and pets. Plan a budget-friendly camping trip, rent an RV, or visit a pet-friendly destination such as San Diego, Cape Cod, or Sedona.

Enjoy the Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or both rooms at the same time, there are
so many benefits of renovating your home. By remodeling your bathroom, for instance, you’ll
increase the resell value of your property, add more space as your family grows, and update old

or outdated fixtures, plumbing, flooring, and colors. Plus, you can make the bathroom much
more functional and energy-efficient.
Moreover, kitchen remodels are advantageous as well. According to Kate Williams, Ph.D. of
ConsumerAffairs, remodeling your kitchen could bring your family closer together, encourage
home cooking and healthier eating, and even increase happiness and life satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom won’t be an easy feat when you have kids and pets at home, but the benefits of remodeling these rooms will be well worth it. Before long, you’ll all be
back to your regular routines but with an updated space to call your own.
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