3 main things you have to know about Home Remodel Estimate

Home Remodel Proposal Estimate

What is the home remodel estimate?

If you looking to start your home remodel, in the first place you have to understand what will be the cost like. Most of the contractors practice providing the estimate for a customer before any work will be started. The house renovation estimate is the numbers for works have to be completed on the project site.

Home Remodel Estimate for Roswell GA Sandy Springs GA Atlanta GA

What is the difference between Pro and amateur home improvement estimates?

The biggest difference between Pro contractor’s and Amateur estimates its the time contractor actually put into it. The Pro estimate includes an itemized list of the items, usually detailed with SKU numbers and brake downs. Most likely, the unprofessional (amateur) contactor will verbally give you the price in a first meeting.

What itemized house remodel estimate should meaning for you?

Wherever you getting the written home renovation quote put your attention on a few important things. Firstly, check if the contractor included permitting cost. Almost 90% of the home remodel works requirement city permits. Secondly, look for detailed items with specific SKU numbers. However, the mentioned SKU numbers will help you to visualize the future installed items. Thirdly, make sure the home renovation estimate includes the project completion timeframe. That is to say, the only fixed timeframe will help you to keep the project completed on time. Finally, check for disclaimers and warranties. You have to make sure, nothing is hidden before you going to sign the agreement.

House Renovation Estimate from contractor Atlanta GA Roswell GA Sandy Springs GA

Resume of the right contractor and the estimate you need to choose.

Finally, let’s resume all the above. As you understand, the right start of any project is 80% of the success of the project itself. You need to pick the contractor with an itemized and detailed estimate. The estimate has to contain project timeframe, warranties, and services. The estimate definitely has to be written on the letterhead form with contractor details. Don’t follow cheap promises and remember…


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