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Home Renovation

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This is true sometimes house renovation worse than a house fire. This idiom works only if you have chosen the wrong crews. If you considered for house renovation you have to be ready and aware of some details we will mention here. Follow HRC and you will understand how to get your home renovation process easy and smooth.

Your home renovation process will consist of a few easy steps to be done right and on time. If you need any help call Home Renovation Company and our team will help you.

Can I afford it?

Before to get deeper make sure you can afford your dream (CHECK YOUR FINANCING OPTIONS). Many times we see how homeowners or real estate investors falling just because they didn’t estimate house renovation project right. If you would like to avoid fall from the beginning, DO NOT CALL ballpark estimation contractors or DO NOT TRY to estimate the project by yourself. When you call contractors, make sure they provide with itemized estimate broken by room or sections, the estimate has to contain SKU# and service explanations. DO NOT TRY to estimate by yourself, to estimate construction project requirement to have construction experience and today market price knowledge.

What should I do if I don’t have enough money?

There are a few different ways how to bring your dream to reality even if your budget is too low. Firstly call your Bank, most of the banks have home renovation loans and you as the client will have priority to be approved. Secondly, moneylenders, there are few companies on the market in your area that provide home renovation money lending, just google them. Call Home Renovation Company and we will HELP YOU TO GET APPROVED for a LOAN.

Where should I find the right contractor?

This is the biggest falling part in your upcoming project. Almost 85% of home renovation projects failing at this stage. Long story short: Hire the right project management  with experience, education, IRC knowledge, website, social media pages. GOOD WORK ISN’T CHEAP, CHEAP WORK ISN’T GOOD!

How do I protect myself from bad work or inexperienced contractor?

This part is too easy. Just make sure your contractor provides you with a service agreement. The agreement has to contain the rights and responsibilities of both parties, warranties, payment schedules, SOW and other necessary information.

If you don’t have a plan you plan to fall.

Most importantly is to have a plan. The best way to create the right home renovation plans its to call for professional project management service. If you sick you call doctor, if your house sick YOU HAVE TO call a contractor with project management experience.

Lets picture the final product.

First of all, you need to design your future project. The only right created design gives you a detailed vision of your final home renovation product, gives you ideas on materials list and cost, helps you to understand approximate labor cost and project time frame. The best way is to hire an architect with experience or contractor with an option to provide the design.  Here at Home Renovation Company, we provide free 3D design and free architectural consulting for our clients.

home renovation design

Create a project schedule.

If you will follow our recommendation this part has to be presented for you by your experienced contractor. If you still try to play this game and DIY just make sure you do this right and accurate. If you have any questions about how to do it right, just call Home Renovation Company and we will help you.

Mainly keep in mind this part of pre-construction is very important because will help you to understand project timeframe, completion date, trades completion period, inspections scheduling, payment dates and etc.

I am ready to go!

Congratulation, your home renovation has been started! Again, if you hear our suggestions this process has to be easy for you. With the right contractor, all you do it is just picking the materials and colors, and looking at how your house changing.

If you still try to DIY renovation (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND), make sure you learned at least basic IRC and got the main information on construction procedures. At least it will help you to control the project.



Home Renovation Company is providing clients with the opportunity to create a home environment to express who they are.  Our clients have a choice to actively participate in the design, look and feel of their home.  They desire their home to be personal, unique, and tasteful as well as communicate a message about what is important to them.  The major home renovation and home improvement projects consist of the works as listed below:

and more…

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