Refreshing Your Home Without Hardhats

copyrights: Suzie Wilson

While you might think that updating your home requires major DIY projects that your landlord or your current skills won’t permit, you don’t need power tools to redecorate in ways that accommodate your and your family’s changing needs. With these tips from Home Renovation Company, all you have to do is look at your home with a fresh eye and apply a little creativity.

Home Office

Your home office design should contribute to your productivity rather than detract from it. Eliminating potential distractions is a key part of good time management, so move hobby supplies, TVs, and exercise equipment to a different location. You can also look into getting heavier window curtains or using rugs to reduce background noise.

If your office tends to be messy, changing your organization scheme can mean less wasted time searching for that urgent form or printer cartridge. Be sure to do some dedicated decluttering as well. Research suggests that sitting still for long periods may pose health risks, so consider getting a standing desk, or use a timer to remind yourself to stretch and move around throughout the day.

Entertaining Space

No matter how large or small your home is, it’s important to provide a welcoming spot for guests. Experiment with different ways of arranging your furniture to find the best setup for easy conversation, and keep blankets and throw pillows on hand to increase your guests’ comfort. The same principles apply to outdoor areas, but here you also need to take into account weather and insect mitigation. Options include patio umbrellas, citronella candles, mosquito-repellent plants, and fire pits (be sure to follow safety guidelines and check with your landlord or HOA about any regulations).

Kids’ Zone

Whether it’s a bedroom or a corner of the living room, a dedicated space for your kids is both fun and simple to create. Child-size furniture is available in a wide variety of colors and designs; ask your kids to help you choose, and make sure to replace outgrown items with larger sizes as necessary. Think about the activities your kids enjoy: A budding artist would probably appreciate a sturdy table or easel, while a collector of miniature toys needs shelves or open cupboards to keep them in view and off the floor.

You can make a kids-only space by setting up an indoor tent or draping a pretty sheet over a table. A pile of colorful cushions and fuzzy blankets also provides a comfortable spot to rest and recharge. Make certain as well that your entire home is appropriately childproofed.

Cozy Corner

Even with the rest of your home in good order, you’ll want to set aside a spot specifically for relaxing. Think about your favorite activities and design the space to accommodate them. A reading nook, for example, should have good lighting, a comfy chair, and an easily accessible outlet for charging an e-reader, while yoga or meditation space might be best located near a window or outdoors.

Choose colors, textures, and scents that calm you and evoke good memories; indoor plants can also contribute soothing vibes. You can even refurbish an older armchair for the ultimate in cozy seating. Just find “furniture upholstery shops near me” that have great reviews, and reach out for quotes on fabric styles and a timeline. An armchair can cost around $300, so keep this in mind when budgeting. Be sure to also move anything that reminds you of work or other stressors out of your line of sight, and make sure family members and roommates know this isn’t the right location for difficult conversations.

Don’t let the daunting prospect of extensive renovations keep your home set up in ways that are no longer working for you. There are plenty of simple changes you can make to reestablish your refuge.