Tips to Design an Accessible and Safe Bathroom?

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Renovation projects are exciting for every homeowner. When looking to upgrade their homes, the bathroom remains one of the most popular rooms to renovate or remodel. Re-designing a bathroom enhances the functionality of the space and adds significant value to the home. Whether renovating existing or creating a new bathroom from scratch, homeowners need to consider several key factors.

While designing a bathroom, paying due consideration to various safety features with aesthetics is of paramount importance. Bathroom remodels come with a cost, and it is not something that homeowners will invest money in every few years. Therefore, it is wise to re-design the space considering future needs. 

Statistics prove that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in a home where most accidents and injuries happen, especially to the elderly. Some of the common reasons behind these untoward incidents include cluttered floors, compact spaces, slippery surfaces, and lack of support bars. Therefore, it becomes essential to work with an experienced remodeler to design a luxurious, functional, comfortable, safe, and attractive bathroom that is easily accessible to people, irrespective of age and mobility restrictions. 

Here are a few design tips you can follow to create a safe bathroom that also looks beautiful and inviting for years:

Ensure adequate moving space

Designing a safe bathroom layout means having sufficient space to maneuver safely. It makes it easier for people with mobility issues to move around freely with a walker or wheelchair. Creating a spacious bathroom is not only for larger homes. Spaces in small bathrooms also can be maximized using the walls to prevent injuries from objects that stick out. Improve accessibility by ensuring there are no loose objects lying around that may result in tripping.

Slip-resistant flooring 

Most people get injured in the bathroom as they slip when getting out of the shower or tub. It is dangerous to install slippery tiles in the bathroom, which gets more hazardous when wet. Consider slip-resistant tiles and flooring options with rough surfaces to reduce the possibility of falling. Place non-skid mats or rugs near the toilet and bathtub to prevent slipping when the floor is wet.

Install grab handles

Grab bars or handles are devices attached to the walls and are sturdy enough to support adult weight. Installing them strategically next to the bathtub, shower, or toilet makes it easier for people to stand and sit or get in and out holding them. Shower chairs and handheld showers with long hoses are excellent additions for a safer bathroom. It is difficult for the elderly or someone with an injury to stand for long while taking a shower. Shower chairs can help them enjoy a bath comfortably while easily maneuvering the handheld shower.

Functional sink and storage

Simple lever-handle or hands-free faucets are easy to operate by people of all ages. Their availability in various designs and styles makes it easier to choose an attractive and functional faucet. Also, ensure that all the other fixtures in the bathroom are easy to access and use.  It is essential to have plenty of cabinets and a functional countertop to maintain a tidy bathroom. Install countertops with contrasting colors for better visibility and round edges to avoid cuts if someone falls accidentally. Install cabinets of different heights and make sure they are easy to access and store everything efficiently. 

Accessible bathtubs

Bathtubs should be attractive, safe, and accessible. Make sure that the bath controls are reachable and easy to operate. Raised bathtub platforms and walk-in bathtubs go a long way in ensuring safety. Various bathtub options are available today designed to offer safety and accessibility benefits to the entire family. Walk-in bathtubs come with in-built seats and doors and adjustable spray attachments, eliminating the need to step over to get in the bathtub.


Adjustable or raised toilet seats can improve the experience of using toilets. It offers comfort and relief to the elderly or those with limited mobility.


Proper lighting is a must-have in every bathroom. Consider a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create a bright and well-lit bathroom for improved aesthetics and safety. Install skylights and use large windows to make the most of natural light and save energy. Use motion-sensor lights, sconces, and downlights for walls and install soft lighting under sinks and cabinets for maximum visibility and enhanced ambiance.

When designing a bathroom, ensure that it is easy to keep clean and prevents moisture build-up. Install alarms, doorbells, and buttons for emergencies, include doors that swing outward and use anti-scald devices for a safer environment. 

Follow these tips to enjoy your dream bathroom while also ensuring the safety of family members and guests. Endless options are available today that can make the bathroom safer without compromising the style.

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